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Step into the cosmic world of Space Flora through the eyes of our valued customers. On this page, we proudly present a collection of reviews that reflect the genuine experiences and emotions shared by those who have embraced our celestial-inspired botanical wonders. Join us in celebrating the stories that highlight the magic of Space Flora.

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Love it

Absolutely love this shirt. It is well made and looks great.
The design has great colors and looks amazing.

Great Quality

Didn’t know what to expect when getting this shirt. I only got to support Kiandro but when I got it yesterday. The quality is sooo good and I love the design. It’s probably one of my favorite shirts now. I will order another one before this year ends.

Amazing Tank!

This tank is great and I love the design! Very comfortable and an amazing fit. It's very multifunctional as well, I can wear it going out to the store, walking my dogs, or even going to a concert. Would definitely recommend this or any designs at Space Flora!

Unique High Quality Shirt

Very nice quality shirt. Not thin and clingy like some of these custom designed shirts are. Good material, can tell it's made with love. Love the design as hibiscus are my fav!

Cute Sticker!

This sticker is well desgined, cute and aesthetics. Ive been getting so many compliments on it.

Love the design! Very cool looking and comfy to wear 👍

Love this tank top tshirt. Amazing printing job! Size fits perfectly

I love the sticker! Goes well with my laptop

Sticker review

I love the sticker! I got the smallest size and it's not too small that it gets lost but is still noticeable.

One Small Step For Hibiscus Men's Space Tank Top
Tyler P.
One Small Step for Hibiscus, One Giant Leap for Self-Confidence

I bought this tank top because it's Summer and I needed an escape from the sweltering heat. However, this tank top quickly became one of my favourite clothing items. It fits perfectly and I absolutely love the design. The expanded shoulder area makes it feel even more comfortable and the quality is unmatched. What are you waiting for? Click "Add to cart," blast off and don't look back!

This shirt cleared up my acne and paid my rent

The quality of this T-shirt? Divine. The design? Stunning. The fit? Can't get any better than this. What are you waiting for? Order yourself one of these T-shirts and have your life changed for the better. Seen here is the beautiful "Sunflower Paradise" shirt that'll have you feeling warm, both inside and out.

So many eclectic elements, so little time

"The Space Orchid Harvest Kiss" is the perfect blend of design wonder and stylistic excellence. This sticker is both mysterious and charming; the astronaut and orchids set atop the pink and purple moon is a sight to behold.

It sure is sunny, hunny

"Sunflower Paradise" is an animated, magical blend of sunny wonder. The sunflowers and the sun complement each other very well...maybe too well.

This sticker is the bee's knees

The "Buzzing On The Moon" sticker is a force to bee reckoned with. The colours are eye-popping and gorgeous and the sticker tells a tale by its very nature.

Trapping All Day Looooonnnngg

The "The Venus Flytrap Apocalypse" sticker is vibrant and breathtaking. All of the elements from the Venus flytraps devouring everything in their path to the well-designed buildings make this sticker a must-have.

Stunning & mystical sticker

The "Thug Roses" sticker is both whimsical and wonderful. The dark ambience of the sticker gives the roses a depth of personality; the metal bats and the sharp teeth add another level of character as well.

Beautiful, out of this world sticker

The "One Small Step For Hibiscus" sticker is of amazing quality and the colours are very vibrant. The contrast between the colours of the spaceship, planet and flowers is striking and stunning.