Space Flora | Space Flora | Origins: Buzzing On The Moon

Space Flora | Origins: Buzzing On The Moon

Space Flora | Origins: Buzzing On The Moon 

Bees on the moon, at first it seems like an idea beyond imagination. Bees? On the Moon? What an absurd thought to have! The master pollinators of earth buzzing around on the hollow, crater filled globe that lights up the night sky, a complex thought indeed. But at Space Flora, nothing limits the imagination, absolutely nothing. So let's dive into the story of the Buzzing On The Moon Design.

In the year 2021, humanity decided to terraform the moon by sending 200,000 bees, and 2000 different species of flowers to the moon. Over the course of time, various missions were sent back and forth to drop off a load of approximately 4 tons of pollen on the moon's surface. Fast forward to the year 4050, humanity has gone extinct, but the bees on the moon have evolved to bipedal beings with advanced pollination techniques. 

Will humanity ever go to mars? Should the technology be advanced enough, these bees are more than capable of flying themselves to Earth, without the need for rocket ships or other interstellar equipment. Over the thousands of years, their wings have evolved to the point of not requiring wind currents to operate. Oh no, these bees fly on cosmic radiation of space itself, capable of moving at speeds of over 2000km\h. These space bees will certainly be making their way back to absent Gaia, why not conquer the abundance of natural flora in the universe? 


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